Why GS Housing

Price advantage comes from precision control on production and system management on factory. Reducing the products quality to get the price advantage is absolutely not what we do and we always put the quality in the first place.

GS Housing offers the following key solutions to the construction industry:

Offering one-stop service from project design, production, inspection, shipping, installation, after service...

GS Housing in temporary building industry for 20+years.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, strict quality control system, quality is the dignity of GS Housing.

Provide free professional design according to the project & country & environment requirements.

Accept urgent order, quickly & qualified production,fast delivery, stable delivery time.(Output per day: 100 set houses / factory, totally 5 factories; 10 40HQ can be shipped per day, totally 50 40HQ with 5 factories)

National layout, multi-port delivery, with rapid gathering capacity

Weekly update the production & shipping status, everything under your control.

Support the installation instruction and video, installation instructors can be assigned to the site if you need; GS housing has more than 300 professional installment workers.

1 year warranty, 10% discount of the material cost is supported after warranty.

Support the latest market trend and news.

Strong resource integration ability and perfect supplier management system,provided the purchasing service of supporting facilities.

Flexible market adaptability to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Rich project management ability of large-scale international camp.